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摘要: 二次防水LED洗墙灯BOND-WW-4830,为广东瑞邦照明科技有限公司2021神灯奖申报产品。

项目名称: 二次防水LED洗墙灯BOND-WW-4830

Double waterproof LED wall washing lamp-BOND-WW-4830

申报单位: 广东瑞邦照明科技有限公司



Outdoor lighting fixtures need to withstand the test of snow, scorching sun, storms and lightning for a long time, and the cost is high, and because it is difficult to disassemble on the external wall, it must meet the requirements of long-term stable work. LEDs are delicate semiconductor components. If they are wet, the chip will absorb moisture and damage LEDs, PCBs and other components. The waterproof problem of LED outdoor lamps is closely related to its life. Structural waterproofing and material waterproofing have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is difficult to achieve high reliability with a single waterproof design, and the potential hidden danger of water leakage still exists. Therefore, in the actual design and production, the advantages of structural waterproofing and material waterproofing technology should be flexibly combined, so as to avoid disadvantages, so as to ensure the long-term stable operation of outdoor lamps. The LED wall washer developed by our company combines the glue-filled waterproofing + structural waterproofing, which greatly improves the service life of the LED wall washer.



LED颜色 Color Temperature:单色Single color/RGB/RGBW

额定功率 Rated power:36W

光源数量 Led quantity:36

光源规格 Led light source:3030

额定电压 Input voltage:24V

保护等级 IEC 安全等级:III Safety Level III

可配遮光板Anti-glare baffle optional :是 YES

透镜角度 Lens Angle: 30°/ 45°/ 10*40°/ 10*60°等

透镜类型 Optical lens :PC/蜂窝防眩光Honeycomb anti

光源平均寿命 Average Lifespan:50000小时

控制方式 Control Method:常亮normally on/DMX512

额定电流 Rated current:1.5A

最大串接数量1 way max long distance :2支pixels

接头类型 Connector type : M16

初始光通量 Initial Liminous Flux 2984 lm

显色指数 CRI:80

光 效 Luminous efficiency:82.9 lm/W

外观色泽 Appearance Color:砂银grey

工作湿度 Working huity:0%~95%

工作温度 Working Temperature: -30℃~55℃

IP 等 级 IP rating:IP66

防护类型 Protection type:灌胶防水Glue +结构防水structure

重量 Weight : 2.67 kg/m

灯体材质 Material of Fixture:6063拉伸铝材streched alluminum

面罩材质 Cover material:丝印网孔钢化玻璃 Tempered glass

长度 Length:1003mm

宽度 Width:48mm

高度 Height:30mm

BOND-WW-4830 检验报告.pdf



At present, most of the LED wall washer lights on the market are designed with a single waterproof design. Our company combined the advantages of structural waterproofing and glue waterproof technology to develop this dual waterproof LED wall washer, which greatly improves the service life of LED wall washer.



Outdoor lighting fixtures need to withstand the test of snow, scorching sun, storms and lightning for a long time, and the cost is high, and because it is difficult to disassemble on the external wall, it must meet the requirements of long-term stable work. Stable and reliable, long life LED wall washer is bound to be a development trend.



This LED wall washer combines the advantages of structural waterproofing and glue-filling waterproof technology to enhance strengths and avoid weaknesses, which greatly increases the service life of LED wall washer. Coupled with the blank holder technology developed by our company, the waterproof performance of the structure of the lamp is more reliable. And can be customized to add honeycomb cover according to customer needs, thereby reducing glare.



This lighting product is applied to Jieyang bridge in Guangdong Province. The integration of general RGBW color shows the beauty of Jieyang bridge and becomes a local night scene landmark. The total length of the bridge is 2441.5 meters. The main bridge spans the South River of Rongjiang river. The cable tower is a diamond shaped structure with a tower height of 120 meters and a main span of 300 meters. On the morning of February 9, 2021, it will be officially opened to traffic.





Guangdong Ruibond Lighting Technology Co., Ltd, founded in 2010, has been specialized in producing led outdoor landscape light formany years.
Ruibond lighting is an integrated enterprise of R&D, production and sales in LED linear light, LED wall washer, LED point light source etc. We are a member of CIES.

RUIBOND is a registered brand in China, we have 15 Chinese branches to provide customers with a comprehensive pre-sales -sales and after-sale service. Moreover, we have industry-standard testing equipment, and obtained various corporate qualification certificates such as CE, ROHS, CCC, ISO9001, patents. RUIBOND Lighting enjoy following good reputations: Chinese famous brand, Chinese top ten lighting industry brand, green-energy products, 3A level corporate credit enterprise, 3A level Contract and trustworthy enterprise etc.


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