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Halo GU10大功率多角度射灯——2021神灯奖申报产品

2020-12-31 作者: 来源:上海新蕊光电科技有限公司 浏览量: 网友评论: 0

摘要: Halo GU10大功率多角度射灯,为上海新蕊光电科技有限公司2021神灯奖申报产品。


项目名称: Halo GU10大功率多角度射灯

HALO GU10 Spot Light

申报单位: 上海新蕊光电科技有限公司


Halo GU10大功率多角度射灯采用了创新的蜂巢式结构散热设计,极大的增加了灯杯整体的散热面积,从而提升了目前灯杯的功率,此产品最大功率可以达到9.5W,可直接替代传统卤素75W GU10灯,市场上常规都是5W左右,只能替代传统35W灯,所以我们适用更多应用场景。在透镜设计上,我们采用了光晕设计,过渡柔和,光斑均匀,低眩光,视觉舒服,而且小角度光斑中心亮度CBCP高。该系列产品可加拉伸片得到可变特殊光斑,如率先推出边缘清晰的矩形光斑。

HALO GU10 Spot Light adopts an innovative honeycomb structure heat dissipation design, which greatly increases the overall heat dissipation area of the lamp cup, thereby increasing the power of the current lamp cup. The maximum power of this product can reach 9.5W. It can directly replace traditional halogen 75W GU10 lamps. The conventional ones on the market are about 5W, which can only replace traditional 35W lamps, so we are suitable for more application scenarios. In the lens design, we adopted a halo design, with soft transition, uniform spot, low glare, comfortable vision, and high CBCP central brightness of the small-angle spot. This series of products can add a stretch film to obtain a variable special spot, such as the first to introduce a rectangular spot with clear edges.

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Halo GU10大功率多角度射灯相比于国内外同类产品,标准尺寸内我们可以做到的功率最大为9.5W。相对于同类产品,我们的最小角度是8度,是属于领先技术。

Compared with similar products at home and abroad, the Halo HALO GU10 Spot Light has a maximum power of 9.5W within the standard size. Compared with similar products, our minimum angle is 8 degrees, which is a leading technology.

星级酒店卧室床头灯的标准是50W可调光卤素灯,设计师一直在寻求可替换的调光LED射灯,可惜目前市场上同类产品要么功率达不到,要么不能调光,或者是尺寸过大或者是一体式灯具,不便于维修替换不利于节省成本。宴会厅可移动式聚光灯,由于维修和替换成本高昂,都采用进口GU10光源,那么Halo GU0大功率多角度射灯可以无缝替换进口产品。其他特殊应用场景,如博物馆,美术馆应用上更加体现出Halo GU10大功率多角度射灯的价值。在市面上还有大量使用GU10卤素灯的客户,欧洲也在推行GU10灯杯的更换政策,所以预计GU10灯杯将会有比较大的市场,特别是高功率的,2019年灯杯市场达到了4000亿,按照需求来划分,未来预计每年高端灯杯会有8000万的销售额的客户需求。

The standard for bedside lamps in star hotel bedrooms is 50W dimmable halogen lamps. Designers have been looking for replaceable dimmable LED spotlights. Unfortunately, similar products on the market either do not achieve the same power, or cannot be dimmed, or are If the size is too large or it is a one-piece lamp, it is not easy to repair and replace, which is not conducive to cost saving. The movable spotlight in the banquet hall adopts imported GU10 light source due to the high maintenance and replacement cost, so the HALO GU10 Spot Light can seamlessly replace imported products. Other special application scenarios, such as museums and art galleries, further reflect the value of HALO GU10 Spot Lights. There are still a large number of customers who use GU10 halogen lamps in the market. Europe is also implementing the GU10 lamp cup replacement policy. Therefore, it is expected that GU10 lamp cups will have a relatively large market, especially for high-power. The lamp cup market will reach 400 billion, divided according to demand, in the future, high-end lamp cups are expected to have 80 million sales of customer demand each year。


Halo GU10大功率多角度射灯采用了创新新的蜂巢式结构设计,实现同样体积达到最大的散热面积,相比于同等型号的产品我们可以做到更大功率。在透镜方面我们采用了光折射原理,光线是由灯珠发出的光线通过折射后发送出来的,可以减少对人眼睛的伤害,另外我们的透镜采用了超薄设计,并且实现了多种发光角度。

The HALO GU10 Spot Light adopts an innovative new honeycomb structure design to achieve the same volume to achieve the largest heat dissipation area, and we can achieve higher power compared to products of the same model. In terms of lens, we adopt the principle of light refraction. The light is sent out after refraction the lamp bead, which can reduce the damage to human eyes. In addition, our lens adopts an ultra-thin design and realizes a variety of light-emitting angles. .


Halo GU10大功率多角度射灯应用于酒店,酒店大堂,宴会厅,博物馆,美术馆,展示馆。标准的外观设计,受到了广大客户的认可,多变的光线角度客户有更好的选择空间。

HALO GU10 Spot Lights are used in hotels, hotel lobbies, banquet halls, museums, art galleries, and exhibition halls. The standard appearance design has been recognized by the majority of customers, and customers have a better choice of variable light angles.




公司严格按照ISO9001:2000国际质量标准体系运作,所有产品均符合欧 盟ROHS &WEEE指令,部分产品通过CE, TUV等安规认证。公司设备先进,基础技术扎实,创新研发能力突出,目前已经2项发明专利,20多项实用新型专利,拥有多名海外博士专家顾问。

Founded in 2009, the company is located in Songjiang Park, Caohejing Development Zone, Shanghai. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and application development of LED commercial and indoor lighting products.

The company operates strictly in accordance with the ISO9001: 2000 international quality standard system. All products comply with the EU ROHS & WEEE directives, and some products have passed CE, TUV and other safety certifications. The company has advanced equipment, solid basic technology, outstanding innovation and research and development capabilities. At present, it has 2 invention patents, more than 20 utility model patents, and has many overseas doctoral expert consultants.


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