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2019-11-06 作者: 来源:高邮市明源照明科技有限公司 浏览量: 网友评论: 0

摘要: 明源国旗赞景观灯,为高邮市明源照明科技有限公司2020神灯奖申报产品。

项目名称: 明源国旗赞景观灯

Mingyuan national flag praises the view and lights

申报单位: 高邮市明源照明科技有限公司



At the beginning of the design of Mingyuans national flag landscape viewing lamp, the idea came from the party tour of the Communist Party of China and the national flag. After careful design of the shape and conception, a more perfect flag map was designed. Combined with the actual needs of the lamps, a beautiful and atmospheric red flag landscape viewing lamp was made. The lamps are exquisite and beautiful









1. The total height of the lamp is 10000mm.

2. The lamp pole is made of 3mm thick steel plate and the chassis is made of 12mm thick steel plate.

3. Welding quality: (1) the weld shall be flat without obvious undercut, slag inclusion, steam hole and other defects. (2) the weld depth is greater than 60%, and it is smooth and even.

4. The threading hole shall be reserved well without any leakage and shall be smooth without burr.

5. Light source parameters: LED Waterproof module adopts wafer or tria chip; model: 28 * 35 or 36 * 09; high brightness and uniform light, light angle ≥ 120 degrees.

6. Voltage power: AC220V input, DC12V constant voltage output; 60W * 2 = 120W.



Beautiful and generous shape, which can be used as street lamp lighting, while vigorously promoting the red culture of our country, monument relief design reminds people that the red regime is hard won, and we should always remember our original mind and mission! The design of the rotating arm of the lamp head is the highlight of the whole lamp and the difficulty of production.



The original idea of the design of the national flag lamp comes from the national flag and the party flag of the Communist Party of China. After careful design and description of the shape of the flag, the color of the whole lamp is the red of the national flag, which is beautiful and atmospheric, and can reflect the red culture of our country. The normal size of the national flag lamp is 8m-10m, which has been welded, polished, hot-dip galvanized and sprayed. The light source of the national flag lamp is 250W sodium lamp, and the light source of the national flag and the party flag is led chip module.



Street, community, courtyard road light pole, large square, hotel interior and other hanging decoration.








我们明源人将一直秉持公司发展理念:制度明源,品质明源,情怀明源,创新明源的总旗帜不变,以实现员工小目标,才能实现公司大目标的管理理念。 不忘初心,砥砺前行。

Mingyuan lighting is located in the West New Area of Gaoyou Lake in the northern suburb of Yangzhou, which has a history of 2500 years. It is located on the Bank of the beautiful ecological Lake Gaoyou Lake. Founded in 2007, Mingyuan lighting is an enterprise engaged in outdoor landscape design, product research and development, sales and outdoor lighting engineering for many years. Its main products include: LED street light, led festive Chinese knot, cultural customized landscape light, landscape sculpture and city Intelligent lighting, intelligent common pole, urban building lighting, etc.

In the past 12 years, the factory has developed from 3-5 people to a team of 80 people today. At present, there are 10 technical backbones, 6 marketing personnel, 10 production management personnel and 12 people with college degree or above. In the past two years, the company has increased its efforts in technology research and development, and has successively obtained 5 invention patents, 16 utility model patents and 24 appearance patents. In 2016, the company invested 3 million yuan in one of the three unique pet, PETG, PP and ABS production lines.

The company has successively obtained "national high-tech enterprise", "electronic and intelligent professional contracting level II qualification", "urban road lighting level III installation qualification", "construction general contracting level III qualification", "environmental art design level a qualification", "environmental art construction level I qualification", "environmental art general contracting level I qualification", "safety production standardization level III qualification" ISO9001, health system Certification enterprises, environmental management system certification, 3C, CQC, energy-saving product certification enterprises and other honorary qualifications.

Our team is a lighting engineering team that can produce products and excellent products. The achievements of the project are all over the country and have been praised and fully affirmed by the project partners and municipal units for many times. In order to meet the new round of opportunities and challenges, in recent years, the company has increased the research and development of landscape products, expanded the scale of enterprises and factories, established an effective management system, upgraded the qualification of engineering projects, upgraded and improved the automation of equipment, and obtained considerable development opportunities.

We Mingyuan people will always adhere to the companys development philosophy: system Mingyuan, quality Mingyuan, feelings Mingyuan, innovation Mingyuans general flag remains unchanged, in order to achieve the small goals of employees, in order to achieve the companys big goal management philosophy Dont forget the original intention, forge ahead.


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