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摘要: LED线透屏,为广东彩立方科技有限公司2020神灯奖申报产品。

项目名称: LED线透屏

Seekway LED Linear Transparent Display

申报单位: 广东彩立方科技有限公司





彩立方LED线透屏作为 ”P100户外透明屏解决方案”,隐形度高,可选单面、双面显示,能应用于商场、写字楼等楼体立面,既不影响窗内外观景,也不影响建筑外观。同时,LED线透屏作为“高精度大型户外三维显示屏解决方案”,可采用多层填充式安装,构成三维矩阵、圆柱型以及不规则形状等多种大型立体阵列,可广泛应用于建筑地标、城市景观、展览场馆、商业展示和品牌活动等场景。

Seekway LED Linear Transparent Display is produced by combining various of patent technology of our enterprise, which possesses the characteristics of high transparency rate, easy installation, high security and excellent invisible performance. The transparency rate in 100mm pitch can reach 86%. It is not only a P100 Outdoor Transparent LED Display Solution, but also a High Resolution Large Outdoor 3D LED Display Solution. It effectively fills the product market gap of LED display in 100mm pitch.

The product adopts the self-innovation connection design and foldable patent technology. Each meter of strip is foldable, which is convenience for transportation. Each meter can be easily stretched for installation. At the same time, with the embedded hidden double steel wire design, strong wind resistance and high tidiness can be received.

The product adopts the wall separated installation design. It is only need to fix the top and bottom hanging plate, and avoid the installation for the back flame in middle part. In order to have low-cost and fast installation and maintenance, users can just loosen the top hook and bottom steel wire for fast replacement. The LED display is produced by full flame-retardant accessories, which has multiple weather-resistant, such as waterproof / windproof / anti ultraviolet / anti-aging.

Seekway LED Transparent Display, as “P100 Outdoor Transparent LED Display Solution”, has high invisibility and can be displayed in single-sided or double-sided. This product can be applied to the facade of shopping malls, office buildings and other structure, which doesn’t affect the inside and outside view of windows, nor the appearance of the building. Seekway LED Transparent Display, as "High Resolution Large Outdoor 3D LED Display Solution", can be used as a large 3D arrays forming by multi-layer filling installation, such as 3D matrix, cylinder and irregular shape, which can be widely used in building landmarks, urban landscapes, exhibition center, commercial exhibitions and brand activities.


1、灯具单元尺寸:W14.0 x T 7.7 x L1000.0mm

2、光源类型:LED-SMD3535 RGB

3、像素构成:3 pcs LED(可选4pcs)


5、像素数量:10 pixel/米




9、灰度等级R/G/B 4096级




13、灯体材质:聚碳酸酯(高阻燃抗UV PC)


15、工作温度:-40℃ ~ 80℃

1.Unit size: W14.0 x T 7.7 x L1000.0mm
2.LED type: LED-SMD3535 RGB
3.Pixel composing: 3pcs LED/pixel (4pcs is optional)
4.Pitch: 100mm
5.Pixel qty: 10 pixel/meter
6.Power: 0.7W/pixel, 7W/meter
7.Voltage input: 12V
8.Luminous intensity: 5300mcd/pixel
9.Grayscale: R/G/B 4096
10.Light angle: ≥120°
11.Transparency rate in Pitch 100mm can reach 86%
12.The strip can be up to 12m long under unilateral power supply. Each one meter strip can be folded during transportation
13.Material of LED strip: PC (high flame retardant?and anti UV)
14.Protection level: IP65
15.Working temperature: -40℃~80℃





4、信息传递:市面上产品多为预设定控制程序,按时间播放对应的信息,如遇信息更新,需到实地找到控制台进行操作,时效低。本产品采用自主彩域云控技术(Cloud Control),可利用移动设备(Windows/MAC/Android/IOS)远程遥距集中管理,突破时间和空间限制,实现多元化灯光交互控制方式,并采用智能设备检测管理系统,确保产品的正常工作;


1.Transparency rate: The transparency rate of the major products in current market such as LED pixel light and grid display can only reach 50%-80% due to the appearance and shape reasons.When look through the window indoor, you would find that the connection is disorder in the back side which would block your view. While for Seekway LED Transparent Screen, its transparency rate can reach 86%, with a tidy connection in back. All strips are in vertical side without horizontal connection which fulfills a good visual performance.

2.Installation way: Regarding the installation way for most of the products in current market, it is required to do wall mounting with Aluminum slot, or even install back frame to have force the wall. For our product, it is only required to fasten hanging frame top and bottom, and then pull the steel wire, without installing any back frames in the dle. In this way, it could avoid the complexity installation due to the structure of transverse connection and lower the destroy degree to the facade, as well as make the installation time short.

3.Flexible solution: The lighting products in current markets are mostly signal side display. The back side of the lighting cannot display any effect. While for our product, it could be single-side or double-side visible, which can used as double-side screen which people can see the effect in two sides. In addition, it could have a multi layer filling installation to form a 3D Display Matrix.

4.Information transmission: Regarding the products in current market, the effects are mostly programmed in advance and should be changed in the installation site, instead of remote control, which cause low efficiency. Regarding our product, as it adopts Seekway Cloud Control technology, users can use mobile device (Windows/ MAC/ Android/ IOS) to have a remote centralized management for lighting. In this way, it could break through the limitations of time and space and realizes the multiple lighting interaction control way. Also our product use Device Detection Management System to ensure long-term normal operation.

5.Maintenance: Maintenance the facade is required for most of the products in current market which bring difficulty to the high altitude operation. For our product, it is only required to loosen the top hook and bottom steel wire, then the fast replacement can be achieved which reduce the difficulty in maintenance.





1.No back frame installation design can have a rapid replacement and maintenance no matter in the early or later stage installation. It can reduce amount of installation and maintenance cost for users and lower the safety risk for the installers.

2.Foldable structure can not only save the storage space, facilitate transportation, but also reduce the transportation cost.

3.It is able to use various of methods, such as mobile device remote control centralized management, multiple lighting interaction control way, intelligent real-time detection feedback system and lighting status, control power management and fault alarm, to ensure long-term normal operation and efficiently reduce operation and management cost.






(1)彩域云控技自主术(Cloud Control),可利用移动设备(Windows/MAC/Android/IOS)远程遥距集中管理,突破时间和空间限制;




(3)高阻燃:防护等级IP65,真正整屏全配件阻燃,已通过国家GWEPT 750度灼热阻燃测试;

Based on the invention and innovation of independent intellectual property rights, this product breaks through the limitations of large volume and complex electricity connection for large outdoor transparent display, and achieves the high transparency rate for outdoor transparent screen in Pitch 100mm, as well as the high resolution for large outdoor 3D display. LED Transparent Display can be summarized in four technical features.

“川“:the shape of strip is similar to the Chinese acter, which its array is neat and orderly;
“透”: Strip in thin size possesses a high transparency rate, which does not affect the building appearance.

(1)The shape of LED strip in vertical way is similar to the Chinese acters “川”. Each strip is super thin in 14mm width which has a high transparency rate of 86% in Pitch 100mm than the similar products;
(2) Standard product can be integrated with a total length of 12m. Each meter strip can be folded to ensure the safety and reliability during transportation;
(3)Single-sided or double-sided display is optional. It can be used as double-sided screen or a 3D Display Matrix forming by multi-layer filling installation.

“云”:Cloud control technology;
“遥”:Remote control management. Real-time feedback system. Break through the limitations of time and space.

(1)Independent Seekway Cloud Control Technology can have remote centralized management by using mobile equipment (Windows/MAC/Android/IOS) which break through the limitations of time and space;
(2)With Seekway Cloud System, it is able to obtain the multiple lighting interaction control way, such as: timing, environment detection, cloud interaction, human interaction, touch, etc., as well as the interactive visual control of deep intelligent cross scenes;
(3)Intelligent Device Detection Management System: intelligent real time detection feedback system and lighting status, power control management, fault alarm and other functions can ensure long-term normal operation;
(4)Cloud System can have real-time switching backup and achieve a long-term low-risk operation strategy base on the two-way transmission data of loop topology.

“壁”:Strip is installed separated wall;
“连”:Without back flame installation. Steel wire connection, integrated with building.

(1)Easy installation: wall separated installation design. It is only need to fix the top and bottom hanging plate and avoid the installation for the back flame in dle part;
(2)Fast maintenance: loosen the top hook and bottom steel wire for fast replacement;
(3)Special mounting design, neat arrangement and without knot.

“风”: windproof, long-term outdoor usage is available;
“迎”:High frame retardant and strong weather resistance performance for any installation environment.

(1)Strong wind resistance: wind resistant design with patent. level 10 wind impact can be effectively resisted. Array can be kept stable;
(2)Full-through hidden double steel wire: effectively protect the strip wind damage, make the strip have excellent tidiness, and effectively avoid the common winding and knotting phenomenon for outdoor lighting;
(3)High frame retardant: IP65. The whole screen and full accessories are frame retardant. It has passed the national GWEPT 750° burning flame retardant test;
(4)Strong weather resistance: outdoor waterproof, UV resistant, 50000 hours lifespan.







1.Huarun Mixc, Qingdao China
2.Art City, Zhuzhou,China
3.Guangfeng Enterpreneurial Park, China
4.LEI SHING HONG AUTO Promotion, Shanghai China
5.Lighting Project, Jiangmen River, China




2、LED显示系统的编辑控制播放软件 (0809290)


Guangdong High-Tech Product:Ultra long and high transparent LED 3D Display Strip
Guangdong LED Intelligent Interactive Control Engineering Technology Research Center
Excellent Technology of 2019 Alighting Awards
Guangdong High-Tech Product-LED Intelligent Lighting Control system


彩立方科技成立于2009年, 是一家专注于智慧城市灯光系统和创新文旅灯光工程的国家高新技术企业。总部及生产基地位于江门市,研发中心位于深圳及江门,在深圳、中山、无锡、重庆、上海等地设有分公司,被政府及高校认定为以下基地:



Guangdong Seekway Technology Limited was founded in 2009, is a high-tech enterprise focusing on intelligent city lighting system and innovative cultural and tourist lighting project. The headquarters and factory are located in Jiangmen, the R&D centers are in Shenzhen and Jiangmen, the branches are set in Shenzhen, Zhongshan, Wuxi, Chongqing and Shanghai, it is regarded as the following bases by the government and universities:

- National high-tech and innovative enterprise
- Guangdong LED Intelligent Interactive Control Engineering Technology Research Center
- Undergraduate Internship Education Base of Sun Yat-Sen University Institute of Engineering
- Cooperative Education Base of Wuyi University
- Jiangmen Enterprise Technology Specialist Workstation

Seekway has more than 70 people R&D team, owns over 60 national invention patents and copyrights. Providing R&D, design, manufacture, sales and engineering service all in one.
Base on self-innovation for ten years, Seekway concentrates in developing new generation of intelligent lighting system and innovative cultural and tourist lighting product; launched six control systems (Seekway Ethernet control, Seekway intelligent control, Seekway cloud control, Seekway satellite lighting control, Seekway 3D control, Seekway interactive control), internationally realize the industrialization of 3D LED display, cloud control interaction and satellite positioning lighting control. Main business are intelligent city lighting system, innovative cultural and tourist lighting project and commercial display visual system.


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