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无眩光LED柔性线条灯 BOND-LL-1830——2020神灯奖申报产品

2020-01-18 作者: 来源:广东瑞邦照明科技有限公司 浏览量: 网友评论: 0

摘要: 无眩光LED柔性线条灯 BOND-LL-1830,为广东瑞邦照明科技有限公司2020神灯奖申报产品。

项目名称: 无眩光LED柔性线条灯 BOND-LL-1830

Non Glare LED Flexible Line Light

申报单位: 广东瑞邦照明科技有限公司




At present, the phenomenon of glare and light pollution is common in the line lights in the industry, and the close viewing by the audience is quite dazzling. For this reason, we developed LED soft light line lamp, which effectively solved the glare problem of LED line lamp.

LED soft light line lamp has the acteristics of uniform and soft light, no glare, wide viewing angle, etc., which improves the glare and light pollution. It is a highly recommended product in lighting engineering project.


基本参数 Basic parameters

LED颜色 Color Temperature 单色Single color / RGB

额定功率 Rated power 10W/12W

光源数量 Led quantity 48 / 60

光源规格 Led light source 3535 / 2835

额定电压 Input voltage 24V DC

保护等级 IEC 安全等级III Safety Level III

可配遮光板Anti-glare baffle optional 否 NO

透镜角度 Lens Angle 130°

透镜类型 Optical lens PC

光源平均寿命 Average Lifespan 50000小时

控制方式 Control Method 常亮normally on / DMX512/SPI

控制段数 Pixels 8

电气参数 Electrical parameters

额定电流 Rated current 0.4-0.5A

功率因素 Power factor -

电压频率 Voltage frequency -

最大串接数量1 way max long distance 8支pixels

接头类型 Connector type M12

光参数 Optical parameters

初始光通量 Initial Liminous Flux 786.76lm

显色指数 CRI 80

光 效 Luminous efficiency 61.59lm/W

应用参数 Application parameters

外观色泽 Appearance Color 雾银grey

工作湿度 Working huity 0%~100%

工作温度 Working Temperature -30℃~55℃

IP 等 级 IP rating IP66

防护类型 Protection type 灌胶防水Glue

结构参数 Structural parameters

重量 Weight 0.56kg/m

灯体材质 Material of Fixture 6063拉伸铝材streched alluminum

面罩材质 Cover material 亚克力/Acrylic

长度 Length 1000mm

宽度 Width 18mm

高度 Height 30mm



In the field of soft light, to achieve real soft light. It is also a specially developed diffusion material. The patented products are different the similar products in the market.



The company has always been adhering to the principle of service integrity first, all products are cost-effective, value for money, high cost of investment, but always believe that the report will be very big.








1. High quality aluminum, anodized and powder electrostatic spraying on the surface,More upscale

2.It adopts American new material diffusion material, with soft and fine light effect and no glare

3.Imported Cree light source chip, small light decay, long life, high lumen value

4.Optical PMMA lens, high transmittance, not easy to atomize

5.High quality silica gel with high thermal conductivity, fast thermal conductivity and high waterproof coefficient

6.Acrylic soft light cover, soft and delicate light, seamless docking



The gate and sales office of Yuhu No.1 International beer culture tourism town in Harbin City have been unanimously recognized by Party A, which fully reflects our companys strength in research and development of soft light lamps.



In developing this product, the company attaches great importance to patent issues and applies for a patent after the scheme is determined.




Guangdong Ruibond Lighting Technology Co., Ltd, founded in 2010, has been specialized in producing led outdoor landscape light for 8 years.

Ruibond lighting is an integrated enterprise of R&D, production and sales in LED linear light, LED wall washer, LED point light source etc. We are a member of CIES.

RUIBOND is a registered brand in China, we have 13 Chinese branches to provide customers with a comprehensive pre-sales -sales and after-sale service. Moreover, we have industry-standard testing equipment, and obtained various corporate qualification certificates such as CE, ROHS, CCC, ISO9001, patents. RUIBOND Lighting enjoy following good reputations: Chinese famous brand, Chinese top ten lighting industry brand, green-energy products, 3A level corporate credit enterprise, 3A level Contract and trustworthy enterprise etc.


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